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What's up you little Data Dork...

I'm Mike. A data lover on a mission to inject life and energy into the Dorky (and sometimes boring) world of Data.

Picture of yours truly... Mike (aka the mastermind behind Dorky Data)

So... what's this dorky site all about?


Boring math graph


Long boring number (pi)


Bar graph

These are 3 things I love more than anything else in the world (except for writing and food).

So I'm here to create the most fun and entertaining content about these topics that you'll ever find on the internet. Most people think the math, numbers, and data are stupid or boring. But they don't see the dorky world of data as I do.

So if no one else steps into the batter's box to inspire the world with these topics, I guess I'll do it.

who am I?

You're probably wondering who I am. And as much as I'd love to tell you my full life story with all the broken dreams and disappointments I've had, this ain't the right place.

Instead, here's the TL;DR of my life...

2018: battled a love-hate relationship with the sexiest subjects high school teaches -- math and science

2019: basic college freshman with a raging passion for math

2020: discovered reading then wrote a 90,000 word Sci-Fi novel for fun and giggles

2021: graduated from Binghamton University with a math degree but said "screw you math, I'm becoming a writer."

2022: marketing geek who launched a newsletter... Math who?

*2023: full circle baby... reignited my passion for math and now on a journey to conquer the dorky world of data

*side note: In 2023, I'm also the psycho that does math for fun. You know, your usual Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, etc. And if you're wondering why, well, math's just that cool. I digress.