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by Mike McKee

How I Learn Quickly and Effectively - Part II

"If you don't reflect, you will forget..."

I’ve learned more during my first three months as a data analyst than most people at my level. How?

Using “the power of reflection.”

It’s the most impactful (mental) tactic that helps me learn concepts quickly.

Here’s a simple rundown of how it works:

Once I’m done working on a project, reading or studying something new, I spend the following 5-10 minutes reflecting on what I have learned.

I freely write my thoughts on the material and try to focus on the WHY…

Why did I choose to put that bar graph on the dashboard?
Why did I use a CTE in my query?
Why is the sea cucumber anus so damn cool? (iykyk)

While learning/doing projects, we all come up with great ideas in the moment. We tell ourselves we'll remember them, but those ideas make a prison break once we're done working/studying.

If you don’t reflect, you will forget...

If you don’t reflect.
You will forget.

That's why the “power of reflection” revolutionizes my learning process.